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live a little ________________________________________________________________

its librarything go ahead put your stack online...it's so awesome...

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the take-down ________________________________________________________________
as i prepare to go to gym and lift weights i see this picture at reuters. The bodybuilders of europe had continued use of steroids. Not me mac I am on a natural high...today's goal 300 crunches 75 marine pushups and thats just for starting...

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for hank bukowski ________________________________________________________________

i found this work at bukowski.net

a smile to remember

we had goldfish and they circled around and around
in the bowl on the table near the heavy drapes
covering the picture window and
my mother, always smiling, wanting us all
to be happy, told me, "be happy Henry!"
and she was right: it's better to be happy if you
but my father continued to beat her and me several times a week
raging inside his 6-foot-two frame because he couldn't
understand what was attacking him from within.

my mother, poor fish,
wanting to be happy, beaten two or three times a
week, telling me to be happy: "Henry, smile!
why don't you ever smile?"

and then she would smile, to show me how, and it was the
saddest smile I ever saw

one day the goldfish died, all five of them,
they floated on the water, on their sides, their
eyes still open,
and when my father got home he threw them to the cat
there on the kitchen floor and we watched as my mother

©2001 Linda Lee Bukowski
reprinted with

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nancypearl dot com dot now ________________________________________________________________

friend i urge you to rush your reading needs right on over to nancy pearl's pages of book delight...

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take a bike... ________________________________________________________________
notice the smile on the face of mr adam hart-davis of Bristol...
i am a huge fan of bike riding...listen to bbc channel four on the rise and fall of the bike. I am the power of the bike and I like that very much. I would like to cycle the roundabout in London, the great bike road of Copenhagen, and the other keen centers of cycle resurgence...

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steve name your sport ________________________________________________________________
You think I will say baseball. That would be wrong. If you think I am going to say football then that would be way wrong but if you were to say american girl volleyball then you would have discovered a sport worth supporting with your viewership. Isn't that right?

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the anatomy of a Gray ________________________________________________________________
Ellen Sarbone found herself sharing her doctor's waiting room the other day with a couple of drug company reps chatting with each other. One glanced at a bookshelf and exclaimed to the other, "Oh look, 'Gray's Anatomy.' I didn't know they had a book out, too!'' The TV show, "Grey's Anatomy,'' is named after the famous medical text. The purpose of the drug company reps' visits to doctors' offices is to push products on them. Isn't it comforting to know that someone with such broad knowledge of medicine is having an effect on treatment you'll receive? sfgate.com.

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the wonder of woman ________________________________________________________________
It is true, the wonder of woman-marvel of nature...enigma and mystery even to self...

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age hath its message ________________________________________________________________
now listen to the words of the NY newspaper reporter on human growth hormone...

At the heart of the H.G.H. debate is a philosophical question about what it means to grow older. “Is aging a disease?” asks Dr. Susan G. Nayfield, the chief of the geriatrics branch at the National Institute on Aging. Should you fight it by dosing yourself with hormones until your blood runs with levels similar to those you had in college? “People tried that with hormone-replacement therapy” for menopausal women, Nayfield says. “We know how that turned out.” (The Women’s Health Initiative’s long-range national study of the effects of supplementing declining estrogen and progesterone levels in menopausal women was halted in 2002. Against all expectations, the extra doses of hormones significantly increased the risks of breast cancer, heart disease, stroke and mental impairment.)

are you listening to your age? It isn't the hormone friend but it is the weight lifting that keeps age at bay...

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dan's dilemma ________________________________________________________________
Dan was loath to give up his new vigor. If he couldn’t get her a remedy, he just hoped that with time his wife would adjust to her rejuvenated husband.

Dead wrong. His exhausted wife finally lost her patience and told him that he had to stop the Viagra if he cared about their marriage.

I admit that I was surprised at how disruptive this little blue pill had become. As a psychiatrist and psychopharmacologist, I’m well aware of the side effects that drugs can cause in my patients.

Who would have imagined that a drug that most consider so helpful, if not harmless, could stir up such trouble in a relationship? I certainly hadn’t.

When last I saw Dan, he ruefully told me that he had not renewed his Viagra prescription

nytimes.com August 22, 2006 by Richard A Freedman, M.D.

Readers of blodgin I must share my utter disapproval of Dan's surrender to a diminished sexual life. Dan you need to be the man. If she can't go with you for counseling and improving her sexuality then in my humble opinion its time for her walking papers. Isn't that right?

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one track only? ________________________________________________________________
some people say men have a one track mind...but i agree with this lady both men and women have a serious interest in communicating feelings to each other...her best book is SUPERFLIRT...what do you think?

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the sweep of the sox ________________________________________________________________
Man am i proud to be a yankees fan...my ny stickers came in and are ready to plaster on my truck's back window...

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damn, its hot ain't it... ________________________________________________________________
i feel like i am in iraq with a fertility goddess in the desert...wphw baby its hot...

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the tattoo lady ________________________________________________________________
man i saw a tatoo so pretty yesterday i actually believe maybe Kat Dee produced it herself, am I right camille friend?

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don't do the math... ________________________________________________________________
Who Cares About Poincaré?
Million-dollar math problem solved. So what?

so says slate Why should I care about Poincare any-hoo?

ps if you can do drop by the rx for a visit today...

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boom boom ________________________________________________________________
rocketboom that is!

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why an apple? ________________________________________________________________
Apples - A low-glycemic, low-insulin food loaded with pectin, apples leave you feeling fuller, longer. According to Dr. James Anderson, apples prevent hunger pains by guarding against dangerous swings or drops in your blood sugar levels. An average-sized apple provides only 81 calories and lowers blood sugar and blood pressure. Because of their high fiber content, apples are also a heart-healthy food. (borrowed from
a food science site...

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the sublime self ________________________________________________________________
out under a tree rather like this I completed reading Pema Chodron's powerful work on life and the living of it...her writing got to me...i picked up the paper journal i keep offline and drew a picture of my soul...Yes I said to myself I too wish the sublimnation of soul into the pure land Infinity of Being...and if i could just sit there under that tree only a little bit longer I could have made it but just at the point of sublime being an ant (yes a "pee-ant" you know what I'm saying) bit me so I got up and went inside where the worries of the world cornered me and forced me to put on clothes for work...see ya at the RX...

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best book on earth at this moment... ________________________________________________________________

(who says so? Me-of course! is that okay?)

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Why I lift weight... ________________________________________________________________
(and why every other man ought to...)

Build the testosterone by consistently lifting weights and upping the resistance till you become like a bull and charge your way through life knocking down every obstacle and wall on the path toward your dreams.

lift this

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laguna la lame-a ________________________________________________________________

Sure I used to read 20 books a week obtained from the University of Arkansas Mullins Library (heck I even once met said Dr Mullins on the steps of the Library itself and said hello to which he responded good day but he was going down and I was going up to Floor Three (History). And sure I once spent entire saturday mornings reading in the 12,000 advanced periodicals of the University collection but that was yesterday and you know what happens to that.

That brings me to my point which is an explanation of the Laguna image which opens today's post.

Laguna Beach” will keep its fans, but it might not earn new ones this season: Tessa simply introduces too much reality to the otherworldly fantasy of perpetual sunshine that has driven the show so far. Besides, she’s boring. Sure, sometimes, as in movies and novels, unpopular girls are secretly noble, sophisticated and brilliant, but sometimes — we have to admit — they’re just uncool.

The reviewer has this right. I have imbibed deeply of mtv.com and other sources of contemporary culture. I must conclude the age of deep internal reflection and civic discourse lies far behind us. (although it is rumored widely on the net that president bush is reading camus!)Welcome to the eternal now and I would say a bit more but I must go and work out at the gym...Be Buff Now, isn't that right?

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the fallen of fouke ________________________________________________________________
Published: August 16, 2006
The Department of Defense has identified 2,595 American service members who have died since the start of the Iraq war. It confirmed the deaths of the following Americans yesterday:

JENKINS, Kenneth A., 25, Staff Sgt., Army; Fouke, Ark.; Fourth Infantry Division.

LLOYD, Michael C., 24, Staff Sgt., Army; San Antonio; Fourth Infantry Division.

ZEIGLER, Kevin L., 31, Staff Sgt., Army; Overland Park, Kan.; Fourth Infantry Division.

i should like to salute the fallen one of fouke, arkansas. The city of Fouke is in reality a hamlet near the Red River between Hope, Arkansas and Texarkana, Texas. I won the Headhunter award one night playing football at Fouke...I am sorry anyone had to die in Iraq and I wish Kenneth Jenkins were alive and well in the village of his origin.

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the runway of life... ________________________________________________________________
come back for a list of fashion blogs street wise...like the sartorialist of nyc...bentonville needs just such a blog...

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the shape of space ________________________________________________________________

With three dimensions, it is harder to discern the overall shape of something; we cannot see where the holes might be. “We can’t draw pictures of 3-D spaces,” Dr. Morgan said, explaining that when we envision the surface of a sphere or an apple, we are really seeing a two-dimensional object embedded in three dimensions. Indeed, astronomers are still arguing about the overall shape of the universe, wondering if its topology resembles a sphere, a bagel or something even more complicated.


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bbc locates a problem...i know the solution! ________________________________________________________________
Security 'bad news for sex drive'
A woman's sex drive begins to plummet once she is in a secure relationship, according to research.
Researchers from Germany found that four years into a relationship, less than half of 30-year-old women wanted regular sex.

Conversely, the team found a man's libido remained the same regardless of how long he had been in a relationship.

They found 60% of 30-year-old women wanted sex "often" at the beginning of a relationship, but within four years of the relationship this figure fell to under 50%, and after 20 years it dropped to about 20%.

In contrast, they found the proportion of men wanting regular sex remained at between 60-80%, regardless of how long they had been in a relationship.

The study also revealed tenderness was important for women in a relationship.

But women, he said, have evolved to have a high sex drive when they are initially in a relationship in order to form a "pair bond" with their partner.

But, once this bond is sealed a woman's sexual appetite declines, he added.

Or, he said, this could be because limiting sex may boost their partner's interest in it.

Professor George Fieldman, an evolutionary psychologist from Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College, said: "These findings seem to fit in with anecdotal studies and his explanations seem plausible.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2006/08/14 10:07:34 GMT


YES...but men here is the cure for that slowdown...keep on courting her...make that romance last...i know it can be done...

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i have your question... ________________________________________________________________
You ever ask yourself this question:

Have you ever been in a situation where you wished your cell phone would ring? Maybe you wanted to look extra important or popular on that hot date. Or maybe you just needed an excuse to escape from an unpleasant meeting.

With "The Popularity Dialer", you can plan ahead. Via a web interface, you can choose to have your phone called at a particular time (or several times). At the elected time, your phone will be dialed and you will hear a prerecorded message that's one half of a conversation. Thus, you will be prompted to have a fake conversation and will easily fool those around you.

Click on the options below to listen to the call you will receive when you use the dialer:

1)The original popularity call (male voice)
2)The popularity call II (female voice)
3)The affirmation call
4)The boss call
5)The cousin in need call

check out popularity calling today...blodgin says so...

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the king of wales ________________________________________________________________

Jim Stem for The New York Times
If anything, Mr. Wales, the founder of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, who has become an unlikely lightning rod for the quality-versus-quantity debate over information on the Internet, is a figure out of a 1930’s Frank Capra film, a likable guy with a Southern twang whose simple social experiment has run away with him.

So Mr. Wales works at keeping it simple and staying dedicated to the Wikipedia ideal of information that is helpful, more or less accurate and “good enough,” to borrow a term from Barry Schwartz, the author of “The Paradox of Choice.”

This applies not just to Wikipedia’s content but also to Mr. Wales’s own style. His home is not an Italianate villa on a grape-ridden hillside in Napa but a four-bedroom ranch house in St. Petersburg, Fla., where he moved for the simple reason that it was sunny and cheaper than San Diego, his former home.

At home, Mr. Wales has honed the good-enough style so well — or rather, not honed it — that the place will not even remotely be featured in House & Garden. He dresses casually, Florida-style, goes by the nickname Jimbo, and although he does drive a foreign car, it’s a Hyundai Accent.


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be a book and be happy ________________________________________________________________

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living with neil young ________________________________________________________________
check it out...living with war by neil young ('cause I ain't asking much)...

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i pulse for you ________________________________________________________________
my friend at camille sidewalk said this--check out the pulse, i said, hey i will but first im going to see THE BALLAD OF RICKY BOBBY. and that is the state of american movie going right now, isnt that right? (or watch a You Tube)

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first mother ________________________________________________________________
What was that like, the first mother/woman on earth?

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my new doo... ________________________________________________________________
Fight the Power! ...I do by redesigning...thank you blogger template wonder workers...only those who need to know will know what I mean, you know what I mean...keep it real today...

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a toon for you ________________________________________________________________

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finding the fit ________________________________________________________________
a man, a woman, a bella vista gentleman bike...i ride my bike every other day...i feel like a million bucks (and hey you meet the most interesting people)...

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Motrocycle Cowboy

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his and hers ________________________________________________________________
San Francisco neuropsychiatrist says differences between women's and men's brains are very real, and the sooner we all understand it, the better
- Joe Garofoli, Chronicle Staff Writer
Sunday, August 6, 2006

Louann Brizendine's feminist ideals were forged in the 1970s, so the UCSF neuropsychiatrist is aware that some parts of her new book, "The Female Brain," sound politically incorrect.

Such as the part about how a financially independent woman may talk about finding a soul mate, but when she meets a prospective mate her brain is subconsciously sizing up his portfolio. Or the part describing the withdrawal pains moms feel when they return to work and can no longer cop a hormonal high from breast-feeding their babies.

Women have come a long way toward equality over the past 50 years, but the Yale-trained Brizendine, 53, says her research indicates that human brains are still wired for Stone Age necessities.

Male and female brains are different in architecture and chemical composition, asserts Brizendine. The sooner women -- and those who love them -- accept and appreciate how those neurological differences shape female behavior, the better we can all get along.

Start with why women prefer to talk about their feelings, while men prefer to meditate on sex.

"Women have an eight-lane superhighway for processing emotion, while men have a small country road," she writes. Men, however, "have O'Hare Airport as a hub for processing thoughts about sex, where women have the airfield nearby that lands small and private planes."

Untangling the brain's biological instincts from the influences of everyday life has been the driving passion of Brizendine's life -- and forms the core of her book. "The Female Brain" weaves together more than 1,000 scientific studies from the fields of genetics, molecular neuroscience, fetal and pediatric endocrinology, and neurohormonal development. It is also significantly based on her own clinical work at the Women's and Teen Girls' Mood and Hormone Clinic, which she founded at UCSF 12 years ago. It is the only psychiatric facility in the country with such a comprehensive focus.

A man's brain may be bigger overall, she writes, but the main hub for emotion and memory formation is larger in a woman's brain, as is the wiring for language and "observing emotion in others." Also, a woman's "neurological reality" is much more deeply affected by hormonal surges that fluctuate throughout her life.

Brizendine uses those differences to explain everything from why teenage girls feverishly swap text messages during class, to why women fake orgasms to why menopausal women leave their husbands.

So the next time parents scold their daughters for excessive text messaging, consider Brizendine's neurological explanation:

"Connecting through talking activates the pleasure centers in a girl's brain. We're not talking about a small amount of pleasure. This is huge. It's a major dopamine and oxytocin rush, which is the biggest, fattest neurological reward you can get outside of an orgasm."

Part road map for women looking for scientific explanations for their behavior, part geeky manual for relationship woes, "The Female Brain" already has become fodder for the morning chat shows. On the "Today" show this week, one critic downplayed the book's explanation of gender differences, saying men and women are "more like North Dakota and South Dakota."

Brizendine's goal isn't man-bashing (despite snippets like "the typical male brain reaction to an emotion is to avoid it at all costs"). Instead, she celebrates the differences.

"There is no unisex brain," Brizendine writes. "Girls arrive already wired as girls, and boys arrive already wired as boys. Their brains are different by the time they're born, and their brains are what drive their impulses, values and their very reality."

Brizendine's book offers a 2 1/2-page appendix on the female brain and sexual orientation, but she doesn't mention transgender folks. Sexual orientation, she writes, "does not appear to be a matter of conscious self-labeling but a matter of brain wiring." All women are wired for a sexual orientation during fetal development, and "the behavioral expression of her brain wiring will then be influenced and shaped by environment and culture."

That's not to say either sex is more intelligent. Just different, Brizendine said. Nor do she or other scientists who study the brain, like Bruce S. McEwen, a Rockefeller (N.Y.) University brain researcher, dismiss the role that parenting and environment and experience play in shaping a person.

"The basic idea is that men and women approach the same problems in somewhat different ways, at least in part because of the biological differences in the brain, which in turn interact with experience -- the nature-nurture story," said McEwen.

"This does not imply whether either sex is superior ... but it does provide the basis for such cultural sayings as 'Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus.' "

Indeed, "The Female Brain" covers ground that has been tilled, to various degrees, in books from 1993's "Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus" to 1999's "The First Sex," to last year's "The Mommy Brain: How Motherhood Makes Us Smarter." Brizendine takes the research a step further and stretches it to cover a female's life from womb through menopause.

Katherine Ellison, author of "The Mommy Brain," said Brizendine represents a trend among neuroscientists who have been inspired by their experiences as parents to investigate what scientists have recently dubbed "the maternal brain."

"It has become more OK to talk about brain differences between genders over the past few years, whereas before, if you said men and women were 'different,' it seemed to imply women were at a disadvantage," said Ellison, who lives in San Anselmo. "Now scientists are pointing out some clear advantages of the female brain, and in particular the 'mommy brain.' "

Among the more controversial subjects addressed in Brizendine's book is: Can new mothers successfully juggle career and family life?

Perhaps not, writes the onetime single mother. And that's OK, Brizendine said, if the workplace can be reshaped to better accommodate new mothers.

"This book is a call-to-arms for women and society to rework the social contract that women have with employers throughout their childbearing years," said Brizendine, while sitting in the Sausalito home she shares with her second husband of 10 years and teenage son. "We cannot afford to lose half the brainpower in this country. Our intelligent women are getting completely out of the loop for five to 10 years, and they cannot get back in.

"The message is that women can't stay at home 100 percent of the time and cut themselves off from their careers. The workplace should realize that women are wired to take care of children, and they want that time and need that time."

It is a sentiment that wasn't around when she was born in Hazard, Ky., a poor Appalachian mining town, where her parents, Protestant missionaries, were stationed. Her father, a minister, was active in the civil rights movement of the late 1950s and early 1960s, often appearing as a guest preacher in African American churches throughout the South. Despite Brizendine's mother being the valedictorian of her high school class, Brizendine's maternal immigrant grandparents believed that women should not be educated and refused to give their daughter any money for college.

"One of the things that has been passionate in my life is to have a profession that would allow me to support myself," Brizendine said. "Watching my mother, an intelligent woman, have limited choices because of the culture -- and because she was married to the typical male of that time in the 1950s in this country -- it was clear to me that I had to find a different way myself."

She attended UC Berkeley on an academic scholarship, initially in the nearly all-male world of architecture majors. But in her junior year, she switched to neurobiology, fascinated by experiments where manipulating the hormones of an animal produced different behaviors.

"To me, that hit pay dirt," Brizendine said. "To have that kind of explanation for behavior that wasn't based on how your family raised you -- or how the stereotypes of society were set on you."

From there she went to Yale Medical School, less than a decade after the undergraduate campus went coed. One day in class, Brizendine asked the professor why females weren't used in the study they were reviewing. She recalled him saying, "We don't use females in the study because their menstrual cycles would mess up the data."

"To be honest with you, the reason that this astounds me to this day," said Brizendine, "is because I didn't argue with him." But back then it was unthinkable to say, "Well, how can you then make medications, and how can you make assessments that you'll apply to female patients when you don't really know?"

Next, Brizendine hopes to expand her clinical work.

In the next month, she will open a satellite branch of the Women's and Teen Girls' Mood and Hormone Clinic at San Francisco General Hospital, which will focus on issues of most concern to African American women, Latinas and lesbians -- a further attempt to see how cultural issues affect the female brain.

For all women -- and those who love them -- she offers a tip.

Research shows that the female brain naturally releases oxytocin after a 20-second hug. The embrace bonds the huggers and triggers the brain's trust circuits. So Brizendine advises, don't let a guy hug you unless you plan to trust him.

"And if you do," she said, "make sure it lasts 20 seconds."

Head cases
A few neurological differences between women and men from Louann Brizendine's "The Female Brain":

Thoughts about sex enter women's brains once every couple of days; for men, thoughts about sex occur every minute.

Women use 20,000 words per day; men use 7,000 per day.

Women excel at knowing what people are feeling; men have difficulty spotting an emotion unless someone cries or threatens bodily harm.

Women remember fights that a man insists never happened.

Women over 50 are more likely to initiate divorce.

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peace out my blodgin lovely ________________________________________________________________
peace out my lovely blodgin readers...have a day like the spirit around this image...i am ... my peace out lovely woman makes this possible... peace out to you miss boothe...

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Example Note 1 ________________________________________________________________
This is an example of a formatted note Something Nifty: A Taste of Simple Continued Fractions

Category: Numbers • goodmath
Posted on: August 3, 2006 12:00 PM, by Mark C. Chu-Carroll

One of the annoying things about how we write numbers is the fact that we generally write things one of two ways: as fractions, or as decimals.

You might want to ask, "Why is that annoying?" (And in fact, that's what I want you to ask, or else there's no point in my writing the rest of this!)

It's annoying because both fractions and decimals can both only describe rational numbers - that is, numbers that are a perfect ratio of two integers. And most numbers aren't rational.

But it's even more annoying than that: if you use decimals, then there are lots of rational numbers that you can't represent exactly (i.e., 1/3); and if you use fractions, then it's hard to express the idea that the fraction isn't exact. (How do you write π as a fraction? 22/7 is a standard fractional approximation, but how do you say π, which is almost 22/7?)

So what do we do?

One of the answers is something called continued fractions. A continued fraction is a very neat thing.

(i quote from GOOD MATH, BAD MATH a super math blog) Now you know why math wasn't my top subject...

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a slap on the head ________________________________________________________________
John Stossel said to the wrestler "Dr. D", "I think this is fake, is it?" Man watch the answer the D (for deranged) man gave Mr 20/20...

hit me one time

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am i ready for some of this? ________________________________________________________________

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how i ujsed 69,000 barrels of oil ________________________________________________________________

In the time it took me to read Oil Safari just the people of the usa alone had used that many barrels of oil...go read and see how many more evaporate while you are there (it is a brief video documentary of the first class)...

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the official pre-release of heaven ________________________________________________________________

i'm not kidding...go here now...albert would
TED...(i caught wind of this from Pogue's posts at nytimes.com technology column...TED is dyno-o-mite for ideas and creativity and its online...)

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what the x? ________________________________________________________________
expn, of course...XII...rad skateboard stuff on the cooker tonite..I think but right now Im busy at eSpn, watching the Yankees with that new lineup...its amazing what a few million bucks here and there can do...Giambi doesn't mind being fifth in the lineup...that three run homer this afternoon proves it...

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tackle this then ________________________________________________________________
I read this in today's Times
The NFL outlawed “horse-collar tackles” after Williams dragged Owens down from behind in 2004, tearing two ankle ligaments and breaking his leg.

That reminded me of the "shoe-string" tackles I once made as a linebacker for the mighty mighty Bobcats of Hope, Arkansas. I saw some Tigers out for practice this morning I wonder what kind of tackles they may make?

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benefits of body building ________________________________________________________________
I have learned body building and weight work-outs have their benefits beyond fitness and health. Last night my wonderful friend Jennifer could not help herself but had to enjoy a bit of close contact with our enhanced bicepts (the muscle women notice first according to npr.org which I where I think I first heard that question...)...Thank you Jennifer for boosting my day and congratulations on your success...you earned it...(p.s. girl you look terrific...good work...my linda and nanny say hi to you)....

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heartless bee ________________________________________________________________
I overheard a heartless bee say this to a nice guy's friend who asked, "Why do girls hate nice guys"....Forward this ARTICLE to someone who needs to answer the CLUE PHONE
she said at the end of her answer...

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the go to football page ________________________________________________________________

Sunday Night/NBC...the web page is a huge preview of what will soon be the best football ever seen on American television...I am impressed with these pages...

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