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Dan was loath to give up his new vigor. If he couldn’t get her a remedy, he just hoped that with time his wife would adjust to her rejuvenated husband.

Dead wrong. His exhausted wife finally lost her patience and told him that he had to stop the Viagra if he cared about their marriage.

I admit that I was surprised at how disruptive this little blue pill had become. As a psychiatrist and psychopharmacologist, I’m well aware of the side effects that drugs can cause in my patients.

Who would have imagined that a drug that most consider so helpful, if not harmless, could stir up such trouble in a relationship? I certainly hadn’t.

When last I saw Dan, he ruefully told me that he had not renewed his Viagra prescription

nytimes.com August 22, 2006 by Richard A Freedman, M.D.

Readers of blodgin I must share my utter disapproval of Dan's surrender to a diminished sexual life. Dan you need to be the man. If she can't go with you for counseling and improving her sexuality then in my humble opinion its time for her walking papers. Isn't that right?

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