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now listen to the words of the NY newspaper reporter on human growth hormone...

At the heart of the H.G.H. debate is a philosophical question about what it means to grow older. “Is aging a disease?” asks Dr. Susan G. Nayfield, the chief of the geriatrics branch at the National Institute on Aging. Should you fight it by dosing yourself with hormones until your blood runs with levels similar to those you had in college? “People tried that with hormone-replacement therapy” for menopausal women, Nayfield says. “We know how that turned out.” (The Women’s Health Initiative’s long-range national study of the effects of supplementing declining estrogen and progesterone levels in menopausal women was halted in 2002. Against all expectations, the extra doses of hormones significantly increased the risks of breast cancer, heart disease, stroke and mental impairment.)

are you listening to your age? It isn't the hormone friend but it is the weight lifting that keeps age at bay...

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