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Sure I used to read 20 books a week obtained from the University of Arkansas Mullins Library (heck I even once met said Dr Mullins on the steps of the Library itself and said hello to which he responded good day but he was going down and I was going up to Floor Three (History). And sure I once spent entire saturday mornings reading in the 12,000 advanced periodicals of the University collection but that was yesterday and you know what happens to that.

That brings me to my point which is an explanation of the Laguna image which opens today's post.

Laguna Beach” will keep its fans, but it might not earn new ones this season: Tessa simply introduces too much reality to the otherworldly fantasy of perpetual sunshine that has driven the show so far. Besides, she’s boring. Sure, sometimes, as in movies and novels, unpopular girls are secretly noble, sophisticated and brilliant, but sometimes — we have to admit — they’re just uncool.

The reviewer has this right. I have imbibed deeply of mtv.com and other sources of contemporary culture. I must conclude the age of deep internal reflection and civic discourse lies far behind us. (although it is rumored widely on the net that president bush is reading camus!)Welcome to the eternal now and I would say a bit more but I must go and work out at the gym...Be Buff Now, isn't that right?

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