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my happy birthbookday ________________________________________________________________

Yes I had the most lovely birthday on Nov 28...principally my wife and child gave me gifts of love and of litertaure...I obtained AGAINST THE DAY the huge novel by Thomas Pynchon...either you get Pynchon or you don't...He is joycean but not gibberish. I am reading the following books which I have purchased and will arrange for my grandson carter stephen to inherit for his own private library:

the new collection of poems by Donald Hall (the modern Frost)...the new Lee Smith novel...richard ford's THE LAY OF THE LAND...the national book award winner by richard powers...the collected essays of joan didion...slouching towards bethlehem...the white album...remember those...i had forgotten how excellent those works truly are...

my new job at walmart boosts my ability to buy hardback volumes which I can select with an eye for the eluctation of my to be born grandson...my uncle the doctor inadvertently did this for me by mailing the sunday new york times to my grandmother back in the 1950's...that and the reader's digest...and frequent trips to the library...and my own copy of THE BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE...isn't that right?

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