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just sharing what thebbc online said...

But sometimes, how ever much natural colour you have, it is never enough. Deaon Garwandoe, 34, is black and uses sunbeds once a week. She started after all her hair fell out due to alopecia.

"I didn't go out for six months when my hair fell out," she says. "I just wanted to do something that made me feel better. I wouldn't spray tan, it's not deep-rooted enough, it's just like make up which defeats the object for what I want. I know if you go mad it's not good for your skin, but I don't abuse it.

"Pale people look like they need something extra in their lives. They look grey, pasty and ill. You don't really want to be around them."

'I was stupid'

According to a study conducted by Cancer Research UK, using a sunbed can double the risk of skin cancer. An estimated 70,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with it every year. Of these 2,000 die and about 100 of those deaths are thought to be the result of sunbeds and tanning lamps.

Most common in over-65s
Second most common cancer in people aged 15 to 34
More common in women than men
Source: Cancer Research UK

Although more women contract skin cancer, more men die of it because they wait longer before seeing a doctor.

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