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Only in October... ________________________________________________________________
dear editor,

Only in October,I thought to myself as I waited in line at the drive through for a sandwich (a very refreshing cool wrap it was called), something out of the ordinary had begun to take place.

The lady ahead of me had lowered her car window to interact with the person in the store window.The very second her window came down a bat bounced off her main windshield, ricocheted into the order window, and mistaking her car for a cave of hope swooped by her raven haired head into the dark interior of her vehicle.

The female driver, wearing a jet black outfit,jumped out of her car screaming for help. Three managers came running to her assistance and with a bit of wrestling and acrobatics they released the big gray creature back to the open light of day.

We humans pretend fact is truth but truth is fact interpreted. I know the facts of what I saw. What it means you might try asking a Sigmund Freud. Isn't that right- and Happy Halloween to you!


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