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...as you few but select elite readership may have noticed (thank you J for the email) we've not posted recently but life intrudes and daily events in the earning of our living have preoccuppied us not to mention the fact we have purchased many books and have marked and marked through them for ideas and words and thus have been in solitary exile from the reading public as it were...

(I cannot wait to begin the new novel of Richard Powers, THE ECHO MAKER, with that lone goose flying over the brackened earth...and farrar straus giroux published it which in itself gurantees the supreme level of quality in writing, wouldn't you agree?)

...the current issue of THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE has a wonderful article answering that nagging question the headlines impose upon even the most superficial human...what accounts for the return of the TALIBAN five years after our victory over their theological totalitarianism? Why are people like Mullah dAdullah now so powerful? Who are these new warlords in the Afghan mountains? Why have the poppy fields and the opium harvests increased?

The BBC short answer is the best "Pakistan" that's why... The Pakistani generals are quoted in the Times magazine article as saying of the American military during the war against the Afghan Taliban, "The Americans used us like a condom". I shall file that under the heading Ugly Metaphors we have Seen"...

The world spins on with its global problems...me I've got to go and handle the political struggles of my own tiny universe...but first a walk at the Walton gymnasium is in order where evil may be held at bay for a while...

Peace out...as we said in our idealistic youth...and now repeat just for a nostalgia high...

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