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why dont you find somebody to love... ________________________________________________________________
I am within three pounds of my target weight...if I slip below that number I need to gain..wow what a concept...Today to get those three out of the picture I added a running and walking component to my daily workout...I follow the "body for life" plan and believe me brother it has changed my life one thousand and one per cent...if you need info on that write chasgun at hotmail dot com..

(I am having trouble with blogger's image loader...ugh...when will technology be perfect...) The music is heaven at wync2 and the day is glorious...because I am in love and not out...and i feel in love with the entire world but I do not trust the world and in fact I do my very best to avoid it as much as possible...

Perhaps the recent death of J. W. and others has clued me in...or was it that sentence in the racy book I am reading which said you cant save anybody but yourself... but last night my friend Jimmy reached across the great divide and gave me a big hug...so maybe my cynicism is a bit too extreme...mainly I want to see my wife and daughter and I want to be paid tomorrow and buy a brand new brilliant book by a girl whose name i cannot remember but it rhymes with pessl and has the word physics in the title...

why dont you find somebody to love today...

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