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People say to me, "Steve what is blodgin?"

According to wikipedia (probably-I mean I don't have time to look but that's all right) BLODGIN has its etymological origins in the "outlaw" culture of American roots and blues country alternative muzak.

If you have read any book by Willie Nelson (and believe me you will only read one) you have heard him tell the story of Waylon and the Blodgin. No?

As the "jam" ended Willie said to Waylon, "much obliged for your being on stage with me tonight, old outlaw buddy" but Waylon heard him say, "much OBLODGED" and unwilling to be thought of as verbally incompetent Waylon incorporated the new word into his daily conversation with others in the outlaw muzak world.

Often Waylon would leave a Nashville recording session with the words, "Blodge you later down the road, dudes" and so the origin of blodgin.

TODAYS TAKE HOME QUIZ...how many times today have you heard someone use the word or its variants BLODGIN as if they knew its meaning...it might surprise you...

blodge on my friends...

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